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Red Remover Player Pack is out now and you can play it on the Newgrounds portal :)

I think some of the levels are incredibly creative especially the autos.

Check it out!

Also, incase you missed my last update, Red Remover is now out on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch!

App Store link:

It's a brand new version with a whopping 80 levels - most of which are exclusive.

Red Remover now on the iPhone!

2010-06-09 16:40:34 by TheGameHomepage

Today I released a brand new version Red Remover on the iPhone! I've been working on this for ages with a talented guy called Colin Payette. If you liked the web game check it out the iPhone version has lots of new levels!

iTunes link:

*compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Original web game:

Red Remover now on the iPhone!

Super Stacker on PS3 tomorow!

2010-05-24 19:47:27 by TheGameHomepage

A new Super Stacker game is coming out on the PS3!

Features include:

-Revamped graphics
-Over 100 levels
-Multiplayer play (!)
-New game modes

Find out more and view screenshots here: /24/coming-tomorrow-to-psn-super-stack er-lined-up-for-ps3/

It will be available on PSN in the US starting tomorrow. A European release date will be announced soon.


Super Stacker on PS3 tomorow!

A couple of days ago I released a spin-off of Red Remover especially for Halloween. Since it didn't reach the front page you've probably missed it so here's a link:

Happy Halloween everyone!

Red Remover: Halloween Special

New Physics Puzzler!

2009-07-13 15:54:37 by TheGameHomepage

I finally finished my new physics puzzle game. IMO this is my best game since Super Stacker 2. I'll let you guys be the judge of that though, check it out here:



So you like hard games?

2009-06-24 20:23:55 by TheGameHomepage

Try popping more than 50 bubbles in my new game Bubble Cannon 2:

This game is intentionally hard + is getting rated a lot lower than BC1 (which was easy) despite the fact it is better.

Come on newgrounds, toughen up! :)

Today I uploaded my first platform game:

Hope you like it, be sure to try the level editor :)

New Game: Bubble Cannon

2009-02-24 19:14:05 by TheGameHomepage

After my last 2 games (Scriball & Super Stacker 2) being pretty big projects I decided to give myself a break and make something really simple.

After a lot of tinkering here's the result:

Enjoy! :D

Play it here:
Super Stacker 2

I read through all of the reviews of SS1 + included as many suggestions as I could (incl. more levels, an editor, a level selector, autosaving progress).

Enjoy! :D

Scriball / Super Stacker 2

2009-01-12 15:25:19 by TheGameHomepage

Scriball is finally finished! Now I'm focusing my efforts on Super Stacker 2 ( which will include more levels and.... a level editor! :D )

Play Scriball
Play Super Stacker 1