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Genuinely scary. The atmosphere in this game is incredible. It's a bright sunny afternoon and I still felt anxious playing this. Nice work!

I love it! Hope it gets fully funded on Kickstarter. The game just kind of stopped for me though, is there supposed to be an ending to this demo? The waves of chickens just stopped coming so I was running around the level with nothing to do :S

dinopuncher responds:

Ooo sorry that sounds like a bug. This is a pre-alpha demo and I still have a few bugs floating around. I have been fixing some new ones and am planning to upload an updated version today. Thanks for playing!

I love it. Can't wait to see what you make next! If you make a sequel how about having a hard mode? Then, if you beat it in hard mode, you get an alternate ending.

KoberGirl responds:

Thanks! I plan on working on this concept more and building on what I have. It can be so hard to balance games. Some think it's too easy, the others too hard. A tricky thing to please everyone, but I'll think about different difficulty modes for the future!


This game is fun and entertaining. It's just long enough to present a challenge but didn't give me a chance to get bored. Love the B-Movie style. I wish I made it!

Chaz responds:

Thanks Gaz!


This is basically the opposite of cut the rope on the iPhone. It plays really well and you were able to come up with a good variety of interesting puzzles.

Great idea and great execution. I wish I thought of it! :)

Oh dear

I wouldn't mind if I won a million dollars but I basically just traded both of my hands for $1,000. Feels bad man.


I really enjoyed this. Thanks for crediting Red Remover as the inspiration :) A lot of people have copied my game almost verbatim but this game is different. You have some nice new ideas and a fresh approach to puzzles that makes this definitely worth a play.

cruzader responds:

Wooooow GAZ!

Your comment is very appreciated as you are the master of Red Remover!
And yes you're right - there are too many plain copies of your game out there. I definitley was inspired by your fantastic game but I wanted to put my very own style and feel to it. And it looks that people like it a lot...

thanks dude


The style is great and the levels are fun and varied. The comments between each level are a great touch too. If you make a level pack more levels with the triple shot bazooka please! :)

Chaz responds:

You got it! Thanks for the kind review Gaz :)


I really enjoyed this game. The pacing is fantastic. As soon as you get used to one gameplay mechanic a new one pops up. Awesome!


I adore this game. It's criminal that it's rated less than 3.5. What's wrong with you people!?

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