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Box Clever 2

2016-11-01 04:34:06 by TheGameHomepage

Check out my new game, Box Clever 2!  All levels were designed by my 7 year old daughter and tested by her 3 year little brother.  Can you beat it?



Play Box Clever 2





This guy beat "Hardest Game" with only 11 deaths!

Can anybody top that?

Play Hardest Game on Newgrounds

Harvest, gamble, and play the stock market to get as many tangerines as possible in this juiced up idle game.


CHALLENGE:  How fast can you get a million tangerines?  What about 100 million?  Check the speedrun screen and post your time!

Docteur Pi is video reviewing EVERY new Newgrounds game in 2015!

2015-01-05 20:12:52 by TheGameHomepage

His Youtube Channel (note: his reviews are in French):

More info:

How far do you think he'll get!?


I just uploaded my new game called Red Remover BLAST to Newgrounds.  Check it out!


As the title suggests we've decided to do a promo and make the iPhone version of Red Remover free for 1 day.

Get it here:
Red Remover iPhone Game

This version is way bigger than the web version with 145 levels. Check it out!

3 Slices 2

2012-06-08 17:36:04 by TheGameHomepage

3 Slices 2 is out now! Can you unlock all the game modes? If so what's the highest score you can get on each one?

Play and vote on it here.


3 Slices 2

3 Slices Released!

2011-11-16 05:53:04 by TheGameHomepage

On the weekend I released a brand new physics puzzle game! The goal is to remove as much red as possible using only 3 slices. Despite being simple but infuriating (by design) it's had a pretty good reception so far. Give it a go and see what you think :)

Play 3 Slices

3 Slices Released!

Box Clever Level Pack is live now in the Newgrounds portal!

It's more than twice the size of the original, hope you like it :)

In other news my Red Remover iPhone app just had a massive update. New features include:
-Brand new levels.
-Retina HD graphics.
-Game Center support.

Check it out here:

A new version of Red Remover just went live on the app store. Included in the update are:

- 25 new & exclusive levels bringing the total to over 100.
- Improved interface and graphics.

We are planning plenty more updates each with a fresh new pack of levels. The app costs $0.99 and after you've bought it the updates are free.

If you get an iPhone/iPod Touch for xmas check it out!

Red Remover Touch:

Red Remover on Newgrounds:

Red Remover Touch *FREE UPDATE*